How often have you found yourself describing a problem, and even before you can finish your question, you go “Ahaaa.. I know what the problem is”. This is mainly because when you think out loud, you formulate your question better, and in simpler terms so that someone else can understand your problem, but in the process you understand your own problem better as well, and come up with a solution.

Introducing Mr.Dummy who has volunteered to hear out all your questions. So next time you have a question, here are four steps to do :

  1. Describe your problem to Mr.Dummy in simple English.
  2. Draw a visual representation of your problem for Mr.Dummy to understand.
  3. Google/Bing your problem [Possibilities are high that someone already had the same question]
  4. By now, you should have your answer, if not, you will atleast have a better Question !