Everyday we read so many forward mails, wouldn’t it be cool if we at least read one verse from the Holy Quran instead. In pursuit to understand Islam better we enable online access to the Holy Quran, in the most simplistic form, we are introducing the new website www.Quranic-verses.com. The site is targeted to show random verses from the Holy Quran. You can sequentially read the verses which are chained together. In addition is has the following features :

  • It enables  you to post a verse directly into Facebook
  • See Salat/Namaz/Prayer timings
  • Receive daily Quranic verses via e-mail
  • Use a iGoogle gadget to read the verses
  • Follow us on Twitter to receive verses as tweets daily
  • Find out Qibla Direction

Here is a screen shot of the web page.

Quranic Verses
Quranic Verses

Hope this site will help all of us to read and understand the Holy Quran, in the midst of our busy lives.