Have you come across websites which are restricted to be used by only the users of a certain country. Wasn’t the Internet supposed to be for everyone ? What happened ?

Instead of throwing some words at them, here is a work around to access those sites from anywhere in the world.  In this post lets take Hulu.com as an example.  Hulu.com allows users from USA only to access their web pages and stream video from it. To be able to crack it we need to first understand how it works and how it restricts other users.

When you request the page, the Server receives your request, checks IP from where the request is coming (which is your PC). pc_server

And from the IP it is easy to figure out which country it came from.  So simply if its not coming from inside USA they deny access to the contents.

If we just could fake our IP and make it an IP which belongs to USA then the server would be fooled and would server us with the content.  Seems like do able. What we need to do is we simply use a proxy Server.  How does this solve our problem ? We will have a proxy server in USA, and then we will set our machine to use this proxy server so that all traffic goes through this server.


Now when we request for Hulu.com the traffic is going through the Proxy Server which is in USA, so the IP relayed from the Proxy Server will fool the Hulu Server and thus Hulu.com will think the request originated from inside USA and will thus serve its pages and contents to the Proxy Server. And the ProxyServer will in trun relay it to us. Wualaaaaaaaa… there we have it all working.

How to set your machine to use Proxy Server ?

If you are using Mozilla I would recommend you to install the FoxyProxy. Then search for free proxy Servers in google or you can find a list here as well.

Open FoxyProxy and set the ProxyServer’s ip and port.


Choose the option so that all requests are routed through this proxy.


Now you are all good to go. Just simply type Hulu.com in the browser and enjoy the site and its contents.