I have stumbled on a very nice product which I want to share in this post. It is a online storage system named Wuala. It is a desktop client via which you can upload files to be stored online.

Initially you get 1GB of online space for free. As users we always want more space, so either you can buy more space online or interestingly you can trade some of your local disc space for online space. It has a very user friendly and sleek interface. Security is a key feature of this online storage system. All of the files which are uploaded are automatically encrypted before the actual upload which makes your content very secure. A sample screen shot of my wuala client:

Now with such a online storage system all your important files and pictures can be stored reliably, no more crying for lost data when your system crashes.

Technically it is a fascinating product as it is distributed file storage system which is based on peer to peer systems. If anyone is interested to know more about the technology behind the product I recommend watching this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xKZ4KGkQY8

Not only file storage, it has a social side to it as well where you can have friends added and share folders with them.

So now without any further do go and explore for yourself. Happy online storing and sharing !!